Welcome to realsolid media

My name is Kunle Odunewu, the Author of this blog and founder of RealSolid Media. I am Filmmaker, Writer, Producer, and Self-shooting Director. I love writing and want to share all my original writings since I was a teenager. I am nervous as I don’t know what awaits me out there, but I am excited that I have finally started this long dream of mine.

I have been building myself and learning over the last few decades, but I think now is my time to do me, because I am me. I have written stories, articles, poems, songs, scripts, documentaries, business plans, love letters for friends. I remember a teenage friend who pleaded with me to write him a love letter to his girlfriend. They are still happily married for over 2 decades with five children and she is still unaware I wrote the love letter that made her fall for my friend.

My primary aim is to entertain you by sharing relevant and educational content with the intention to build purposeful relationships for a better future. Therefore, I will be sharing content in text, images, audio and video everyday, throughout the year. Below are names  for each day as follows.

Weekday names and definitions;

  • Memorable Monday – Start the first day of the week with a meaningful memory of black history.
  • Tangy Tuesday – Enjoy poetry by reading or listening.
  • Winning Wednesday – Share short  tips on business and health/beauty.
  • Thoughtful Thursday – A day to read or listen to a real life story.
  • Relate Friday – A day to talk about relationships and why its important.
  • Specific Saturday – A video production from RealSolid Media.
  • Special Sundays – Encouraging or Inspiring quote for the week ahead.

I would really love your support to help move this project forward although, a lot of hard work, planning, and organisation has been put into this project. There will be a lot of giveaways for all our audiences. Please comment, subscribe, like, and share. This is one way you can help start this journey. Once again you are lovingly welcome and thank you for your time to read my blog.

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