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For three years I was incarcerated in an environment I didn’t choose to be in and wasn’t fit for my purpose. I felt like a robot. Did the same things every day at the same time. I listened a lot and said little. I love watching the news, I became very observant of my surroundings, and people around me both young and old didn’t realise I existed. I felt invisible and I loved it. That was when I began understanding my purpose in this life because I was let back into society, but this time to some rich white parents. So I thought with all the luxury around me, you know, we lived in a mansion, had a fleet of exclusive cars, yacht parties, helicopter, and private jet trips, I was living the life. A whole ordinary me. I was not happy within, but I really enjoyed the moment. Remember I am supposed to be mad because of the things I have gone through in life.

After 6 months of living this newly acquired lifestyle, that I am now getting used to, made me feel untouchable. I forgot where I came from very quickly. I forgot who I was and what I am suppose to be. It was during a quiet moment, whilst I was lying down on the porch in the back garden near the pool, that I overheard my new Mum talking on the phone crying and begging desperately. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I go up from lying down. The moment my new Mum saw me, she held a gun to her head and immediately pulled the trigger. Before I could do anything, it was like a flash. My new Dad was there and he was laughing over his wife’s dead body. He then picked up the gun, observed it for a while before pointing the gun at me. He squeezed the trigger whilst pointing the gun at me a few times before he continued and said, “Stupid woman. I made her believe we are broke. She couldn’t take it and killed herself.”

He started laughing again then choked and was gasping for air. He then said, “I think she fed me poison in that drink.” He dropped dead immediately and I was scared to call the police, but I called them anyway. Whilst waiting for the police, I started having flashback of my parents and now these parents. Just as I thought of running away, the Police were just getting here without my knowledge, pointing their guns at me shouting, “put your hands up where I can see them boy or I will shoot.”

To be continued and completed next week

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Welcome to RealSolid Media blog page. I am a Filmmaker, Writer, Producer, and Self-shooting Director. I love writing and have decided to share all my writings from ages past with the world. I am nervous as I don’t know what awaits me out there, but at the same time excited that, finally, I have started this long dream of mine.

I have been building myself and learning over the last few decades, but I think now is my time to do me because I can only do me. I have written stories, articles, poems, songs, scripts, documentaries, business plans, love letters for friends. I remember a teenage friend who pleaded with me to write him a love letter to his girlfriend. Although they have been happily married for over 2 decades now with four children, she is still unaware I wrote the love letter that made her fall for my friend.

My primary aim is to entertain you by sharing relevant and educational content with the intention to build purposeful relationships for a better future. Therefore, I will be sharing content in text, images, audio, and video every day, throughout the year. Below are the names for each day as follows

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Tomorrow will always meet us in peace regardless of our condition today!

Kunle Odunewu