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Habitual Environment For Endless Creativity

Who We Are?

RealSolid Media was founded in 2012 to fill a void that will help others realise their personal goals and what matters more in our Lifestyle, Business, and Relationships. Over the years we have worked with and developed numerous relations with individuals, organizations, and global businesses.

Our business activities are unlimited and we can execute your visual/audio ideas to achieve satisfactory results to meet your desired targets. Whether you want to use video to increase sales. Or you need your voice to be heard, we have something in common.

How we work



Initial contact to meet, share and discuss key information on your project that will develop an understanding and agreement.


Scheduling of the project activities for all the cast and crew members towards production, and other extra creatives.



Production of required visuals and audio gathered together before post-production of a few drafts before the final publication.


What an amazing team! The job was done beyond my expectation as if I was a full paying client.
Femi Okutubo
Logistics Business Owner
You make learning so easy and fun. Looking forward to the next filmmaking session.
Chloe Smith
The professional videos you made have increased sales mainly because you listened to my specific needs.
Jamal Siddiqui
Online Merchant
The passion utilised in designing my website is exceptional. I am extremely pleased and still in awe.
Jan Howard
Beauty Therapist
Casted to work on a short film 9 years ago. Quickly we clicked creatively since then. Best decision so far.
Richard Pugh
You were flexibie and communicative during the photoshoot session. You will remain my number one choice.
Hilary Benson